What is divorce coaching?

A divorce coach is not a consultant, therapist or mentor. A divorce coach will help you live in the present, and set sights on a desirable future.

Coaching is a collaborative relationship between the client and coach. Through a relational approach, the coach comes alongside the client to help bring clarity to the current situation, and begin the journey to a preferred future. A trained, certified coach has the ability to ask the right questions and use the right techniques to help the client unlock their potential.

When we go through a divorce there are three main issues that need to be addressed:

-Legal and financial



While a good lawyer and accountant can help with legal and financial matters, a divorce coach can assist with emotional and family issues.

As a divorce coach, I can help will lead you through a four step approach, which will ultimately bring renewed enthusiasm and joy to your life:

1, The initial shock of your marriage coming to an end.

  • Coping with emotions
  • Working through grief
  • Taking care of immediate needs and decisions.

2.  Getting through the divorce process.

  • Coping with changes
  • Plotting new relationship with ex-spouse
  • Finances
  • Seeking legal assistance
  • Gathering a support system
  • Becoming a single parent

3. Moving forward

  • Focusing on yourself
  • Defining new goals
  • Regaining joy in life
  • Action steps to move forward

4.  Embracing a new life and new possibilities

  • Dating again
  • Co-parenting
  • Managing ongoing conflict
  • Blended families issues
  • A healthy relationship with your ex

Healing cannot be left to chance. The way you handle your emotions, attitudes, and outlook during the divorce can impact the way you live the rest of your life. It is vital to recover appropriately. And, that’s where I can help.

There is life after divorce. And you deserve it.

Let’s get started!

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